Help your team boost their intercultural skills through workshops or keynotes
60-180 minutes
Online / Offline
4-12 people
En / Ru
From $600 per workshop
Topics I can cover during a group workshop or a keynote
  • Intercultural leadership
  • Intercultural management
  • Intercultural feedback and oral communication skills
  • Intercultural correspondence and writing skills
  • Intercultural partnerships & negotiations
  • International networking skills
  • International public speaking
  • Soft skills applied to work and study
  • Cultural deep dives (country-based workshops, see the list of available countries here)
  • International events and work with international clients
  • International career skills (CV, cover letter, job interviews)
  • Work in international teams
  • Intercultural team building
  • Challenges of international teams: different pace of work, feedback styles, perception of politeness, time flexibility, etc.
  • International customer development.
What is an intercultural group workshop or a keynote?
Tailor-made solution
The master class is built exclusively around your team's request. All materials are analyzed and selected individually. You will not have to listen to boring irrelevant material.
To solve and to prevent
Intercultural communication workshops will be a solution to a problem in which the team has already encountered difficulties and will help to prevent problems in advance - for example, when entering new markets.
End-to-end assistance
Our work begins with a diagnosis, continues with the workshop, and ends with the preparation of post-workshop materials that will stay with you forever, just like the workshop recording.
Perfect combo of theory and practise
My workshop is always centered on practice and only then on the necessary theory. Even if you only need a country & cultural deep dive, I will make our meeting interactive and exciting, while a corporate keynote will still be engaging.
International specialists
I conduct master classes together with my native speaker colleagues all over the world. You will have the opportunity to experience the culture you will be working with in the future and learn from the opinion of natives of different cultures.
Group workshop is an ideal training format for both line employees and top management. It is suitable for mixed teams and for local teams that want to enter international markets.
The best for teams
See how I help teams in a hands-on workshop format
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    Frequently asked questions about intercultural group workshops and keynotes
    Yes, the workshop is suitable for you if you have noticed a problematic area in your team and you need to address it urgently. For example, your employees from an office in one country are having difficulty communicating with employees from another branch, and this is having a negative impact on the results of your work: deadlines are being missed, negativity and tension are building up in the team, and colleagues are clashing openly or covertly. At the workshop, we will deal with this situation, and I will give recommendations that need to be implemented to avoid such issues in the future.
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