Helping people and businesses around the globe to overcome intercultural challenges

In the world of 3,800+ different cultures and over 7,100 languages, how can we communicate effectively, understand each other and act together?*
*Sources: Atlas of World Cultures by David H. Price,
Intercultural communication is crucial for organizations and individuals
  • launch new products, projects and marketing campaigns abroad
  • expand into new markets, hire and manage intercultural teams
  • participate in international events, conferences and negotiations
  • search for a job abroad, prepare to join an international team and prepare for interviews
  • adapt to a new culture after moving abroad for work, business or study
  • boost their career through international leadership programs, internships and public speaking events
What do my clients share?
They found a solution to their business challenges by improving their intercultural skills and the international exposure of their teams.
I engaged Kristina when the CEO of a charity working across Eastern Europe & Central Asia asked me to provide insights into the social, cultural and workplace beliefs and practices across the region. Kristina's input made a significant difference: not only did she tailor her advice to my sector of palliative care, but she understood the challenges an outsider would face and provided practical guidance and support to overcome them.
Mike M., UK
Our goal was to help staff at Greenpeace to develop their writing and presentation skills, with a focus on producing sharp and effective press releases. Thus, from the preparation stages through to the post-workshop feedback, Kristina’s grasp of intercultural communication, her admirable sense of tact and her rigorous professionalism ensured that any linguistic, cultural and logistical challenges were easily surmounted. In the session itself, her deft moderating and insightful contributions allowed both myself and the clients to get the most out of the workshop.
Zachary S., France
Kristina helped me to bridge the corporate cultures between the offices of my company that was initially opened in the USA. When opening a new office, I immediately noticed how different the business cultures were between the two communities (globally and in America). Kristina conducted 3 workshop sessions for the whole team: it wasn’t at all about the language usage; it was all about the cultural nuances and difficulties that we went through in a very practical and interactive exercise for a group of several dozen people. She also helped our HR to better formulate the job descriptions for the new positions we had been opening, considering the cultural peculiarities of the American and global markets respectively.
Roman S., USA
When preparing for negotiations with our Turkish partner, Kristina proved to be a great professional in this matter. I had never really approached the negotiation process from an intercultural side point of view, and I am very grateful to Kristina for showing me how it should be done. Now I plan to contact her every time before starting negotiations with foreign counterparties in order to meet my desired result.
Akim, UAE
At the same time as being a high-level professional, Kristina possesses qualities that are rare today: she is punctual and business-oriented, tolerant and ethical. Kristina helped me to interact with my foreign partners from different countries, explained the peculiarities of their culture and approach to doing business, which helped me to achieve the desired results from negotiations and other business communications goals I had set.
Natalie, Israel
Kristina helped me to prepare for the Web Summit in the shortest possible time. By the time I made the decision to go, I did not have a clear strategy or meeting program. Together we prepared the starting pitches, worked out how to start communication correctly, and practiced small talk. I greatly improved all the scenarios of dialogs with potential clients in business English, I felt more confident. Due to the fact that Kristina had already had experience in preparing Web Summit participants, she was aware of the context of the event and offered relevant tips and skills. When I arrived at the conference, I had a clear understanding of how to behave, what to say and how to say it, and how to follow up in a written format after the event.
Alex, Poland
My core service is intercultural communications, consulting & training
For L&D and HR departments in businesses
Helping you to successfully expand to new markets, manage an intercultural team, and prepare for international events
For startup founders and teams
Supporting you in the launch of new products in new markets, analyzing foreign audiences, and preparing pitches
For NGOs, educational and international organizations
Maintaining your international communication strategy, finding new partners, and organizing international events
For private clients working in any field
Guiding you in your international career and business path, helping to improve business communication and self-presentation skills
CustDev interviews and client communications
Preparation for international events
Intercultural management & team buildings
Intercultural leadership skills
Written & oral communication in Eglish
Intercultural negotiations
Countries & regions cultural deep dives
Building international partnterships
Intercultural coaching
Soft Skills for adaptation abroad
Business missions abroad
Preparation for international interviews and business negotiations
Pitch decks preparation
Moderation & facilitation of international events
Public speaking and presentation skills
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Bringing together my world-wide working experience as well as a huge network around the globe for a better solution
3 universities
at which I got acquainted with the top-notch theory and practice of international communications
University of London, Korean University of Foreign Studies, and MGIMO University
100+ international providers
who helped solve challenging tasks and to provide a single solution to the client
Translators, interpreters, marketing specialists, PR-managers, designers, copywriters, researchers, fellow intercultural professionals and many more
800+ projects
in which I have handled a wide range of tasks from translation and moderation to the full support of top-level businesses and individuals
IT, education and e-learning, banking and finance, retailers, FMCG
63 countries
where I have lived, worked or simply traveled
Europe, the USA, the UK, South Korea, India, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East and CIS
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