Find a solution to your intercultural challenges during
a personal consultation
30-90 minutes
1-3 people
En / Ru / Fr
$150 per hour
During a personal consultation we can:
  • Prepare you for speaking in front of an international audience
  • Prepare you for a job search abroad
  • Prepare you for a job interview
  • Check your CV and cover/motivation letter
  • Create your international development strategy (business/educational prospects)
  • Troubleshoot your challenges in an international team
  • Find a solution for your employees/colleagues that experience difficulties working with international clients
  • Prepare you to conduct an international CustDev interview
  • Build a strategy to prepare yourself for an international exam/test
  • Prepare yourself for networking at an international event/conference
  • Find the best suitable scenario for your team that is seeking to become international
  • Prepare you to communicate with representatives of a specific culture that I am knowledgeable about
  • Review your LinkedIn profile to appeal to an international audience
What is a personal intercultural consultation?
Fully customizable
The consultation is built exclusively around you and your request. All materials are reviewed and selected individually - you send all available information in advance, and I prepare with your context in mind.
International environment
I can always invite my international colleagues to join our consultation if you would like to have a trial audience for your presentation or hear a perspective from a representative of a specific culture.
Practice first
During consultations, I pay special attention to practice - I give exercises, look at specific texts, pitches and cases. Theory only where it is necessary.
Flexible pricing
If you require a series of more than 5 consultations to address your query, I will offer you a more favorable package solution.
Extra perks
We can record our consultation, and apart from the recording, you'll always receive my written notes / recommendations / take-aways and exercises. I’ll also review your materials before the next session.
Personal consultation is the primary format in which I work. It is suitable for the vast majority of your intercultural challenges, even those you don't find on the mentioned list.
Universal format
Read how I help clients during a private consulting format in a practical way
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    Frequently asked questions about my personal consulting service
    In the first diagnostic free 15-minute session, based on your inquiry, I will give you a recommendation in terms of the number of individual consultations you may need. In the majority of cases, clients are satisfied with the result of a 60-to-90-min work session with me. In some cases, a matter might require 2 to 3 meetings.
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